Old Insulation Damages Your Florida Home & Increases Monthly Expenses

Poor Insulation Causes Problems

 Having regularly evaluated and updated blown-in or batting insulation in your home is crucial to a safe and comfortable home. Especially if you’ve recently experienced heavy weather, leaks, or other harm to the home, your insulation material needs to be evaluated for deterioration and damage. The material significantly contributes to your home’s ability to regulate temperature, reduce health risks, and lower costs. If the insulation is left for too long, it’s not there to support against those factors and can even potentially contribute to them in some worst cases.

If you’re experiencing irregular temperatures, poor indoor air quality, or uncomfortable drafts, poor insulation and air sealing may be to blame. On The Mark Spray Foam Insulation can do either an insulation audit for a fee or provide a free estimate to improve or replace your current insulation. When you call our office at 352-942-4593, we can provide a guesstimate on the costs and then make an appointment for a site visit if the cost is within your budget.
Without support from properly installed insulation and quality air sealing, your HVAC system is constantly attempting to keep up with the air that’s escaping and entering your home. Deteriorated insulation isn’t able to effectively block the heat or cold from entering. In both instances, your system is overworked in an effort to meet the desired temperature on the thermostat. Not only does this increase your monthly energy usage and bills, but could also potentially lead to higher maintenance costs as the HVAC system is pushed to its limits throughout the year.
In addition, deteriorated insulation can cause poor indoor air quality, mold growth, higher humidity, and depending on the age of your home may cause asbestos problems.

Protect Your Home with Updated Insulation

While most insulation falls into an “out of sight, out of mind” category for many homeowners, it’s crucial to have a system in place to regularly evaluate  blown-in or batting insulation. A lack of quality insulation and air sealing can lead to discomfort and potential health risks in most homes. While it’s particularly important to check the material after you’ve discovered a leak or other exposure damage, knowing the signs of poor insulation can be the preventative measures needed to save you time and money in the long run. The beauty of spray foam is that it never has to be replenished or replaced.

Need Insulation?

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